Franco-Romanian domains

The first BIO vineyard in Romania

The story begins with a visionary. Our steps lead to Dealu Mare, between Gura Vadului and Săhăteni, where Denis Thomas, owner and winemaker from Burgundy, laid the foundations of the first BIO vineyard in Romania. Assisted by a team of Romanian and French specialists, Denis Thomas takes over and develops a 45-hectare plantation, in an area of ​​Dealu Mare, where the terroir, similar to that of Burgundy, allows the production of Romanian wines in a French spirit.

The story goes on

Mihnea Mihalache and Mihnea Olariu

Starting in 2020, the Franco-Romanian Domains belong to a group of Romanian investors who intend to capitalize on their passion for viticulture to bring the winery's wines closer to consumers in Romania and abroad. The mission of the investors aims to modernize the winery, expand the storage and winemaking capacity, but also develop the BIO plantation that brought Romania, in 2006, the first Ecocert certified wine.

To the 45 hectares taken over from Denis Thomas, the Olariu family added another 40 hectares with vines (a plantation known in the Gura Vadului area under the name "Domeniile Persu-Eminescu"). Property owned before the First World War by the great-grandparents of Mihnea Olariu (Alexandru Persu - agronomist engineer, former mayor of the Tohani commune and Ecaterina Eminescu - granddaughter of the poet Mihai Eminescu), the Persu-Eminescu Domains were retroceded, starting in 2002, to the investor's parents , Marina and Nicolae Olariu. A family story that spans several generations, a story that goes on.