The winery plantation has 85 hectares and is located in the Dealu Mare region, between the localities of Gura Vadului and Săhăteni. The vine is planted on the slope and oriented to the south, right in the center of the region, where the climate is similar to that of Burgundy and allows the production of very good quality wines.

The founder of Franco-Romanian Domains, Denis Thomas, took over the vineyard in 2000, the conversion of the plantation to ecological cultivation began three years later, and in 2006 the winery produced the first BIO certified wine in Romania (Ecocert certification).

Currently, the Franco-Romanian Domains have the following varieties in the plantation:

White grapes (total 31.4 ha): Fetească Albă (9.05 ha), Sauvignon Blanc (6.49 ha), Fetească Regală (5.25 ha), Chardonnay BIO (4.49 ha), Tâmiaoasa Românească (4.12 ha), Riesling Italian BIO (1.10 ha), Muscat Ottonel (0.9 ha).

Black grapes (total 54.47 ha): Pinot Noir BIO (16.0 ha), Merlot (16.0 ha), Cabernet Sauvignon (14.26 ha), Fetească Neagră BIO (6.28 ha), BIO Merlot (1.93 ha).