In Săhăteni, in Dealu Mare, we combine traditional techniques with modern technology to produce very good quality wines. With an area of ​​1900 square meters, our winery has winemaking and storage facilities for all types of wines: white, rosé and red.

Since the Ecocert certification imposes strict procedures in the winemaking process as well, we have our own analysis laboratory for each production stage. Bottling and labeling are also automated. In this way, we ensure that all the wines obtained are of high quality standards.

At the Franco-Romanian Domains we always enjoy guests, so enthusiasts and tourists are invited to visit us, taste the wines and share their opinions. Visitors will discover the winery, the space specially designed for keeping oak barrels, the tasting area and the conference room. We are waiting for you with a glass of good wine and we hope that you will leave us with beautiful memories.