Château de Sannes

Château de Sannes and the Franco-Romanian Domains – a twinning for the first time
Starting from 2023, the Franco-Romanian Domains of Săhăteni/Dealu Mare and Château de Sannes
from the Luberon/Côtes du Rhône decided, by mutual agreement, to become "twin wineries". Specifically, those
two wineries carry out joint projects that combine, in a creative way, BIO viticulture,
oenology and marketing. Also, in the commercial offer in Romania of the Franco-
Premium wines from the Château de Sannes portfolio are present in Romania.
Historical premise: In the collective mind of Romania, twinning with France is a historical matter
accepted and desired. The 1914th century, with its extension up to 1916-XNUMX, was predominantly
French in Bucharest culture, architecture and everyday landmarks. French was spoken on the street,
in cafes, restaurants and public meetings, he was a cultural benchmark for any Bucharest citizen who wanted to
to belong to a certain social status. Hence the nickname "Little Paris", given by the Balkans
Bucharest of that period.
Business premise: The Franco-Romanian estates in Dealu Mare were founded in 2000 by
to Denis Thomas, a wine grower from Burgundy, the winery being the first wine producer
BIO certificates from Romania (since 2006). Until 2019, when a group of Romanian shareholders have
took over the winery, the style of the wines was predominantly French, and the commercial offer of the winery has
coexisted both wines produced in Romania (in the Săhăteni region) and those produced in Burgundy,
by the Thomas-Moilard cooperative (in the Nuits St. Georges region). After Denis left
Thomas from Romania, the new shareholders, determined to keep the French-speaking affiliation of the winery, chose a
French producer with outfit (Château de Sannes), whose wines do not overlap (as varieties and
winemaking style) with those produced in Romania, in order to enrich its commercial offer.